Isang 68-anyos Nakuha Pa Rin Magtrabaho Sa Gasolinahan, Nabigyan Ng Tulong Dahil Sa Post

Recently the Syrian Vlogger named Basel Manadil gave help to an old farmer selling his harvest rice in the highway of Pampanga. Again he shared his blessings again to a 68 years old who works at the gasoline station when he was posted and went viral online.

The said post caught the attention of Basel Manadil and he intentionally meets the old man to share his blessings to him.

The Syrian Vlogger approaches the old man to inflate air to his car tire and he jokingly requests it for free.

It was found out that the netizen Kewol Oro shared the photo of the elder gasoline station staff and caught the attention of the kind-hearted Syrian Vlogger and popular as ‘The Hungry Syrian Wanderer’ in his vlog.

Basil intentionally meet the gasoline station worker and he was surprised because it was near his former house. At first, he disguises as a customer and requested to inflate his tire. It was there that the old man assigned working.

It was visible to the old man the hardship of his job but because of his needs, he still works even he is old. While the old man inflating the tire of the Syrian Vlogger, they have some conversation.

He just found out that the old man was working for 47 years in that gasoline station. Although the old man has retired he come back for extra work to provide needs for his family. Until he was back to his work in the gasoline station as the airman for the vehicle.

The old man was surprised when ‘The Hungry Syrian Wanderer’ gave him Php 1000 tip for every tire he inflates.

Without the knowledge of the old man, there was prepared assistance and help for him by the Syrian Vlogger.

It was visible on the face of the old man the happiness he feels at that moment. And as Basel’s post went viral again, more and more people wanted to reach out to help the hard-working old man working at the gasoline station.

What can you say about this? Do you want to share your blessing with this old man? Do you admire the good deeds rendered by this Syrian vlogger? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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