Ito Pala Ang 8 Benepisyo Na Ibinibigay Ng SSS Na Di Pa Alam Ng Karamihan

Most of us know that the contribution we give to the Social Security System (SSS) can protect us as we grow older.

But do you know the benefits you can still get from SSS besides the monthly pensions you get?

Here are 8 benefits you can get with SSS.

1. Benefits for the sick

You can get your daily expenses for a few days without being able to go to work because you are sick or injured by the benefits of the s1ckness.

Conditions: You must stay at home or in the hospital for four days and use all your sick leaves in the company. You should also have contributed to SSS for at least three months during the last 12 months.

Total amount: You will get your daily spend equal to 90% of your total daily wage.

2. Maternity Benefit

You can get daily expenses from SSS if you are unable to work because you just gave birth or had a miscarriage.

3. Benefits for PWDs

You can get SSS benefit regardless of whether it is a monthly pension or a lump sum even if you are partially or severely disabled.

Conditions: You must have at least a one-month contribution before the semester of disability. If you have paid at least 36 monthly contributions, you will be eligible for a monthly disability pension. If not, you will be given a sum total.

Total cost: The monthly pension for the disabled ranges from Php1,000 to P2,400, depending on the year of service. You can also get a P500 supplement for the month’s medical expenses.

4. De4th Benefits

You can get a monthly pension or a lump sum amount as a beneficiary of the late or pass3d aw4y SSS member.

Conditions: You can get a pension if you are the primary beneficiary such as the spouse or children of the SSS member who has at least 36 months’ contribution to it.

If the contribution is low then you will get a sum total. If there is no primary beneficiary, neither the secondary beneficiary nor the parents will get the full amount.

Total amount: Monthly pension for dec3ased member has a total of P1,000 to P2,400 depending on the year of service. If you have a young child, they will get 10% of the member’s monthly pension or P250. You will also get a 13th-month pension every December.

5. Benefits for the Fun3ral

You will receive a cash benefit if you pay the funeral expenses of a deceased SSS member.

Conditions: You must have at least one contribution if you are a volunteer, self-employed, or a member of the OFW. Employees have immediate benefits until they are covered by their employer,

Total cost: The cost ranges from P20,000 to P40,000 depending on the member’s contribution and the year of service.

6. Employees’ Compensation (EC) Program

The EC Program is a cash benefit for an employee who is s1ck or injured due to work which results in permanent d1sability or d3ath.

Conditions: You are not eligible for the EC Program if you have been injured by intoxication, neglect, or self-harm.

Total cost: SSS pays for rehabilitation services, supplies, equipment, and medical services. It can be used simultaneously with the d1sability and s1ckness benefits of SSS.

7. Salary Loan

You can get an SSS salary loan if you have short-term credit requirements.

Conditions: You must have at least six months’ contribution within the last 12 months. The length of your loan payment depends on how much you contribute to it. You should also not have any current SSS loans.

Total amount: The loan equals the total amount of your pay within 12 months. There is also an interest rate of 10% per annum and you can renew it if you have paid the 50% original amount.

8. P.E.S.O fund

If you want to make a contribution to SSS more, you can do so through Personal Equity and Savings Option or SSS P.E.S.O. Fund.

Conditions: You must be under 55 years old and have had at least six months’ contribution within the last 12 months.

Total cost: You can get retirement benefits, d1sability, or even de4th by monthly pension, total amount, or a combination of both.

What can you say about this? Are you aware of these benefits before reading this? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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