Alamin Ang Matagal Nang Tinatagong Katotohanan Sa Likod Ng Inabandonang Disneyland Sa China

Many of us might be wondering about the story behind the abandoned Disneyland in China. For sure, most of us are curious that it was never completed despite its gigantic area and almost halfway completed structure.

The amusement park can give happiness to the people, especially to the children. But sadly, the supposed happiest place on earth land in China suddenly became a lonely town and forgotten.

According to some news, the owner fell bankrupt so he wasn’t able to continue the structure of the amusement park, but now, we are revealing the truth behind the reason why Disneyland CH didn’t push through.

Based on Boredom Therapy, things went fast for the dissolution of the park.

“The strange story of Wonderland and its ultimate demise begins with businessman Dr. Chanchai Ruayrungruang. He created a successful investment group known as the Reignwood Group during the 1980s, and as a new decade was rapidly approaching, the entrepreneur scrambled to come up with the perfect business plan.”

When the park was still on its construction, many people were really delighted and excited to know that the amusement park will be opened soon as the construction was moving forward and fast.


“For one, it definitely threw U.S. copyright law to the wind, perfectly replicating Disney’s iconic font for its welcoming logo, even emulating the famous castle. Locals in the area were excited; they couldn’t wait for Wonderland to open. But it never did.

“In 1998, without warning, construction on Wonderland came to a complete standstill. It didn’t make any sense. So much work had been done on the park already, not to mention the millions of dollars poured into it. Rumors swirled.”

But all of a sudden, the excitement that people felt got replaced with melancholy and sorrow. After the construction stopped, the park became an ordinary town that becomes a hideout for the homeless and expatriates.

“As years passed, locals lost hope that Wonderland would ever be completed. The once-bright paint began to fade, the formidable structures started to rust, and the whole park became more decrepit by the day.”

What can you say about this? Do you think that the owner will try to renovate the said structure? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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