Ito Pala Ang Mga Listahan Na Posibleng Maging Sahod Ng Mga Domestic Helper Sa Iba’t Ibang Bansa

It is not a joke that Filipinos are experiencing poverty in the Philippines. This is the main reason why cr1me and the sale of ill3gal dr*gs are so prevalent in the Philippines. And often, in order to alleviate poverty and bring families to prosper in the Philippines, many of our countrymen are forced to sacrifice and gamble their destiny and future abroad.

The wages in foreign countries are much higher than those in the Philippines, so they even worked as being domestic helpers. But how much does the Domestic Helper or DH were paid overseas?

The lowest income of domestic helpers is Php 18,000 and the highest is Php 200,000. It depends on which country they go to working.

1. Bahrain – Php 21,000
2. Brunei – Php 20,000
3. China – Php 45,000
4. Cyprus – Php 23, 000

5. Canada – Php 570 (per hour)
6. Dubai – Php 20, 500
7. Egypt – Php 35, 000

8. France – Php 37,000

9. Guam – Php 38, 000
10. Hong Kong – they can earn up to Php 51,000 monthly
11. Ireland – although it is not confirmed some testimonies that some were earning Php 250,000 a month
12. Israel – Php 65,000

13. Japan – Php 61,000
14. Kuwait – Php 20,000
15. Saudi Arabia – Php 26,000

16. Malaysia – Php18,000
17. Macau – Php 41,000
18. Morrocco – Php 21,000
19. Oman – Php 18,000

20. Qatar – Php 20,000
21. Singapore – Php 27,000

When we compare the normal wage for domestic workers in the Philippines, it has a huge difference in other countries. Their salary abroad is far greater than that of the professional in the Philippines.

It is also no wonder why they prefer to leave the country instead of working in the Philippines because they obviously can give their family a better life in the Philippines while working abroad.

They are also considered the modern living heroes of our country because of the huge money they have sent into our country.

What can you say about this? Do you like to work abroad because of the great salary given to domestic helpers abroad? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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