Andi Eigenmann At Philmar Alipayo, Nagdiwang Ng Kanilang Anniversary At Nagpalitan Ng Mensahe Sa Social Media

Andi Eigenmann recently celebrated her 30th birthday. In her social media account, she posted a photo of herself with her two children Ellie and Baby Lilo. The actress was on Metro during her birthday and Philmar wasn’t with her as the latter needed to do something on the island. But, Andi was still happy as she celebrates her birthday with Ellie, who she didn’t see for so long.

And just recently, Andi and Philmar are celebrating their anniversary as a couple. Andi is really happy and thankful that Philmar came to her life. As we all know, the couple decided to live a simple and peaceful life in the Siargao island together with their daughter, Lilo.

So, in their exchange message for their anniversary, we can see how happy Andi is to her relationship and to the decisions she makes.

Andi wrote on her Instagram post,

“I made the best decision to choose happiness above all else. I am grateful for the life I have (and am able to give my kids), with you in it, it wouldn’t be the same. Thank you for always making me feel life I am on top of the world. Happy anniversary my mahal!”

Andi is really grateful to have Philmar on her life because he made her feel the true meaning of happiness and love.

Meanwhile, Philmar also gives a sweet message to Andie. He wrote on his IG post,

“Happy anniversary mahal ko. Mahalun ko kaw sanan ato little fam hangtod sa hangtod.”

The two associated it with the photo of them together where you could see in their face how happy and contented they are to each other. Meanwhile, netizens poured their greetings for the anniversary of the two. Here are some:

“Happy Anniversary!..Happy and contented is the key to your success of having a great family !!!love you Andi and Philmar.”

“wow stay strong lng wag bsta susuko…msrap mbuhay ng smple lng bsta ksma mga mahal mo…congrates to both of u”

“Happy anniversary to both of you…God will always protect your family Andi…”

What can you say about this? Are you inspired by their sweet messages? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.


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Happy anniversary mahal ko. Mahalun ko kaw sanan ato little fam hangtod sa hangtod 🖤

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