Mystica Sinisi Ang Raffy Tulfo In Action Kaya Nawala Si Adora

The post of Raffy Tulfo in action went viral on social media where part 1 of the episode titled ‘SIYA ANG REYNA NG MGA GOLD DIGGER, PHP 25 MILLION ANG KANYANG KINULIMBAT!’

It reached in four episodes in which the complainant, the American Boyfriend filed against the Pinay where he was cheated and obtained P25 Million Pesos.

In part 3 it was found out that Adora pass3d aw4y due to hanging herself and in the fourth episode the American boyfriend visits his girlfriend Adora in the wake with the permission of relatives along with the staff of Raffy Tulfo in Action for his security.

On the other hand, one people have the courage to blame Raffy Tulfo telling in her post on her Youtube channel that he is the reason behind the su1c1de of Adora.

In a post on the youtube channel ‘Mystica Celebrity Channel’

Mystica saw and expound why it was the fault of Raffy Tulfo’s in action why Adora ends her life.

She also criticizes the tough-talking broadcaster as a cold-blooded person was. She even expressed that Raffy Tulfo announced in his program the controversial celebrity Mystica has a mental disorder based on her revelation on her Youtube Channel “Mystica Celebrity Channel”.

What can you say about this? Do you believe with the opinion of Mystica against Raffy Tulfo or because she has personal issues with the broadcaster? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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