Angel Locsin Napagtripan Ng Isang Ice Cream Vendor Sa Singapore

Many celebrities are having a vacation abroad and sometimes they experienced unexpected events that will make you laugh and entertained.

One of the famous celebrities in the showbiz industry recently experienced fun and hilarious events with an ice cream vendor in Singapore and it was has been recorded and make many rounds on the internet and became the talk of the town.

According to the video, the funny vendor has a prank on the famous Pinay actress utilizing his ice cream cone. The reaction of the famous Darna Icon character was very funny and entertaining as she humorously warned the vendor to hit him on the face.

Various netizens shared their reaction and comments regarding the entertaining video prank and the fans of the famous actress expressed their praised, support and love for the Darna Icon star Angel Locsin.

This is what Angel Locsin warned the ice cream vendor based on the hilarious video.

“Sapakin ko ‘to,”

Here some of the comments and reactions of the netizens upon watching the video.

“Enjoy and relax on your vacation Angel. Just have a good time!”

“She’s generous for poor Filipinos, she can’t forget to help the victims of typhoon or earthquake”

“Numerong unong iniidolo talaga kita idol Angel Locsin”

“Still gorgeous as ever at very humble. enjoy your vacation”

“I really love Angel Locsin… super generous sa mga nangangailangan”

Previously, Angel Locsin was one of the many celebrities who give food and needs to the recent earthquake victims in Mindanao.

What can you say about the video? Are entertained and laughed upon watching it? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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