Angelika Dela Cruz Tinawag Na “Walang Kwentang Kapitan” Ng Netizens At Sumagot Naman Ito Agad

Angelika Dela Cruz earned harsh judgment from a bitter social media user. The social media user slammed the pretty actress for supposedly neglecting her duties and responsibilities as a barangay chairman in their area.

He also accuses the Kapuso actress of removing the judgments of other people on her social media account. Angelika did not allow the criticism to cross and she boldly banged the social media user.

The Kapuso actress Angelika Dela Cruz previously experienced harsh criticism from a social media user about her office as a barangay chairman in Malabon City.

It was found out that the bitter social media user was not satisfied with the system of the veteran actress in supervising her area of responsibility as the Barangay Chairman.

He indicated that the Kapuso actress continued on removing negative remarks on her social media account and he urged her to not attempt for another office on the next election.

“Hoy gaga ka pagnapuna ka sa facebook page mo dahil wala kang kwentang kapitan binubura mo ang comment?”

The social media user commentary.

“Wala ka pa rin kwentang kapitan. Wag ka nang tumakbo sa susunod na election,”

He furthered.

Angelika quickly lost her temper after reading the negative comment of the stated social media user. She retweeted the message and she slammed the netizen who posted it.

The Kapuso actress asserted that the message that her critics were circulating in the online community was not appropriate.

She also chose to upload various images to demonstrate that she is performing her job as the Chairman of her barangay.

“Hoy mas gaga ka! Ikaw ang walang kwentang tao bash ka ng bash mali naman ang information mo! Hindi porket hindi ako mag popost ng work ko sa barangay wala akong ginagawa,”

She expressed.

“Ayan isaksak mo sa baga mo ang pictures ng matahimik ka! TROLL!”

She furthered. The intensive throwing of discussions between Angelika and her critic was already removed on social media.

What can you say about this? Do you admire the good deeds done by Angelika to her constituents? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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