Angeline Quinto, Proud Na Inisa-isa Kung Ano Kanyang Mga Pinaretoke Niya

Plastic surgery seems to be normal nowadays, especially in the entertainment industry. As celebrities required to have “artistahin” looks to have a thriving career, they often opted to have plastic surgery so they can look in front of the camera. This involves having blemish-free skin, pearly-white skin, an ideal body, and a narrow and sculpted nose. But this idea is somewhat hard to do naturally, that why most celebrities choose to have plastic surgery.

But plastic surgery is a taboo topic in the Philippines. In fact, many people criticized and look down on people who undergo plastic surgery, calling them “not natural” and “fake”. But the actress-singer Angeline Quinot is slowly changing this stereotype.

As we are all aware, Angeline is among the celebrities who went under a series of plastic surgery. The Kapamilya singer has always been very vocal about her desire to look better so she can be presentable to her fans and in front of the people ever since from the beginning of her career. Angeline also said this can also help in the growth of her showbiz career.

In an Instagram post, Angeline shared the methods she went through to feel and look good. According to her, she went under thermage, arm liposuction, br3ast reduction, belly liposuction, eyelid surgery, and glutathione.

But the Kapamilya singer denied the allegations thrown against her that she experienced rhinoplasty surgery to fix her nose. According to the gifted singer, she thought about it several times but she decided not to continue it as it was the best choice for her after several consultations with her doctors.

Angeline bravely speaks up even though plastic surgery has a negative implication in Filipino culture. By doing so, the singer helps to reduce the shame around the people who get them and normalize these procedures.

What can you say about this? Do you admire celebrities who underwent plastic surgeries? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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