Angelu de Leon Nagsalita Na Tungkol Sa Panganay Niya Kay Joko Diaz

Actress Angelu De Leon became emotional on her Instagram account when her eldest daughter Louise Nicole De Leon turned 20. Louise Nicole is the daughter of Angelu De Leon to actor Joko Diaz. Angelu’s fame came in 1998 when Joko and her were boyfriend and got pregnant at that time.

Angelu raised up Nicole very well as a single parent. Now that her eldest is at an appropriate age, Angelu couldn’t help but post a motherly message for her daughter.

This is the heartwarming message for her daughter Nicole in her Instagram account.

Happiest birthday my firstborn! You’re officially a lady now my love. Thank you for being a wonderful daughter. Thank you for being clinging and sweet. Thank you for being(an annoying) big sister to your siblings. Most especially thank you for being a God-fearing lady. Thank you for always choosing to be better.”

Angelu Deleon added on her post.

“Today is the beginning of another chapter in your life. Dream Big. Aim high. Always know that we are proud of you and that we will always be cheering for you! Remember always choose to be BETTER and not BITTER. Remember to always inquire to God about any decisions small or big. He doesn’t make a mistake. Ask Him for WISDOM, LOVE, JOY & PEACE.

I love you to the moon and back, anak!”

Remember that Joko was happy to say that he had a good relationship with her eldest daughter with Angelu de Leon, that they had time to talk and that Angelu had never kept Nicole from her father.

Just a good example of Joko and Angelu De Leon as Nicole’s co-parenting.

Here are some of the comments from the netizens on the daughter of Angelu De Leon.

“Grabe abg ganda parang c peachy real nakita ko, TGIS feels”

“Magkamukhang magkamukha kayo ng daughter mo Angelu.”


“Mini angelu pero mas maganda ka nung ka age mo sya. Sana wag sya mag asawa agad.”

“Sobrang kmukha mo po sya, blessed birthday to her.’

What can you say about this? Do you admire Angelu De Leon and Joko until this day? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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