Misis Na May Iba Ng Kasintahan, Tinest Lang Daw Ang Pagmamahal Ng Kanyang Mister

After repeated denials in the first decision of the woman, her decision suddenly changed hen she faced Raffy Tulfo. This happened when the woman complained by her lover in idol Raffy’s radio program.

She also has to admit that it already has another loved and that it is too late for them to her live-in partner. But the wind blew changed and it returned back to her husband for the sake of their children.

The situation between the live-in partners Anita Salon and Alex Roaring changed when the two met at the ‘Wanted sa Radyo’ program. It was previously reported when Roaring had escalated the problem with his live-in partner Salon.

The woman also refused to return to her live-in partners several times even though he had begged previously. According to Salon, it was too late for both of them and she also admitted on-air that she had another loved one.

But her decision changed when they went face-to-face in front of idol Raffy. It has been said that she will immediately settle with the man whom Tulfo is pleased with her decision.

According to the woman, for the sake of the children, she will rebuild their family. There is no doubt about another such event. Many netizens were also happy and excited for the two.

Of course, idol Raffy never forgot to help the couple and promised a livelihood so that the two would never be apart. They are also among those who received assistance from OFW visitors to idol Raffy recently.

What can you say about this? Do you agree with the woman that she wants only to test the love of her husband? Do you think that their relationship will last forever? kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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