Arci Muñoz, Sinabi Ang Tunay Na Naramdaman Niyang Sakit Sa Nakaraan Niyang Buhay Pag-ibig

Actress Arci Munoz recently opened up about her previous relationships during the media conference of her upcoming short film entitled “Love Unlock”.

During the interview for the said movie, Arci shared the biggest mistake she did on her past relationships.

According to Arci, she often forgets how to love herself first as she was focused on giving everything to her partners. But even though she tried giving them everything just to make them happy and stay on her side, her partners still choose to leave her.

She added that her experience in her previous relationship proved that she always gave her all that she seems to be the man in the relationship.

Anthony Ng is the last boyfriend of the actress. Ng is a businessman whom Arci got in a relationship with that lasted for two years. The actress emotionally announced their breakup in 2019.

Arci said,

“Hindi ako magaling diyan. Ginagawa ko na lahat, iniiwan pa rin ako!

“Whenever I’m in a relationship, I give it my all. Sometimes I forget about leaving a little bit of self-love.

“Sa aking mga experience before sa previous relationships ko, as in buhos talaga. Parang ako ‘yung lalaki.”

Arci Munoz is one of the most popular and good-looking actresses in the Philippines. Aside from her talent in acting, Arci is also great when it comes to singing. As a matter of fact, she is the vocalist of the Filipino rock band, Philia.

About a month ago, the actress give an update of her fans on the things that makes her busy during this quarantine period. It turns out that Arci is busy with her training as a reservist for the Philippine Air Force. She announced it on June 12, Independence Day. Many netizens then admired and praised the actress for being brave and strong.

Arci also involved in several controversies in the Philippine entertainment industry. But, despite all the hardships and trials in her life, Arci remained positive and continue to achieve her goals and dreams.

What can you say about this? Do you learn lessons from the experiences of Arci Muñoz? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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