Isang Babaeng Tsismosa Ang Naipit Sa Gate Habang Nakikipagtsismisan

We know it is good to have a conversation with our neighbors because of the various things we can understand or hear from them. Sometimes it is regarded to be time-consuming or it is giving time to unwind from household works. Most of these are mothers in our house who take care of their children and busy working on all household chores.

There are so many tales to know if we are moving outside our house to catch the freshest news from our next-door-neighbor. But what if one day we had been ‘hot potato’ of our neighbors that have been occurring seriously that really makes you bothered.

It’s just similar to a woman in La Virginia Columbia where her head has been jammed between the neighbors’ gate grills. Based on the reports, the woman will stare at her neighbor’s door to know if her neighbor is inside the house or busy working at the house.

She will just invite her to a conversation outside the house. It took almost five hours to lift the head of the woman who was caught and jammed between her neighbor’s gate. Numerous comments have been earned by the woman in social media after her story and pictures were spread on the internet.

Seldom we also require to do these things in the designated place so that we do not encounter these things that can harm us.

It is not damaging for neighbors to speak with them but if it is to have destructions and to do something incorrectly, it may be as if it had occurred to the woman. Maybe the aforementioned is the lesson so that we will be more cautious in our daily lives and activities.

What can you say about this? Do you learn a lesson from this funny experience of a busybody? Are you like this woman who always looking for her neighbors just to have some rumors? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and opinions with us.

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