Bella Padilla Sinagot Ang Basher Na Nagsabi Sa Kanya Na Magbenta Na Lang Ng Barbecue

Bela Padilla brought up on Instagram and posted a photo where she did her hair color and haircut at the time quarantine. She did look pretty and the actress was quite satisfied that her “quarantine cut and color” worked out well.

One critic, however, very suddenly and unexpectedly said to her to just sell barbecue since ABS-CBN is already closed. The Kapamilya actress addressed the critic the best answer, even though that the critic was clearly insulting the actress but she just showed how elegant she really is.

Bela Padilla was quite satisfied with her success on her hair color and haircut that she shared on Instagram with her followers. However, one critic felt forced to make a sarcastic comment.

The 29-year-old Kapamilya actress brought up on Instagram and posted a photo of her “quarantine color and cut,” which she did on her own.

Very suddenly and unexpectedly, the critic @pusaputing just gave a comment and ordered the actress that she should just sell barbecue because ABS-CBN has shutdown. Bela answered confidently that she has savings and she can write. As for the barbecue, it is quite hard to do. The critic didn’t stop there though and even insult her further.

“pabili po ng 3 na dugo at 5 na isaw MEOW!”

Rather than getting irritated, Bela just replied with class:

“@pusaputing ay ang kulit. Sinabi ngang di ako marunong magluto ng barbecue.”

What can you say about this? Do you admire and impressed with Bela Padilla on how she responded to the critic in a classy way? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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