Ivana Alawi Pinakita Sa Publiko Ang Loob Ng Kanyang Mansion Sa Bahrain

Today Ivana Alawi’s name has been making noise in social media particularly popular among men because of the beauty and body shape she often posts on her social media accounts. It was just beginning its career in the showbiz industry but she was easily recognized for its social media photos and vlogs on Youtube.

In vlogs of Ivana on February 28, 2020, she revealed for the first time that their Bahrain mansion had gone viral because netizens did not think she was really rich.

At the young age of 24, the girl had her own mansion because her Moroccan father had inherited all of her properties. The actress had previously mentioned her inheritance when she guested on “Gandang Gabi Vice” but she didn’t think she had everything left by her father because it was for their family.

That was his father’s money and she didn’t get it on her own job. So even in her name, this family property considers its assets.

She may be considered rich when she was young but Ivana remained humble despite everything.

It first is shown on the house tour the outside of the mansion where the convertible vehicle was also seen in the parking area. At the entrance were two living rooms and a chair that looked like a golden cage. The actress seems to love the bird so much that she actually designed the chair.

Huge sofas can be found in the two living rooms but you will notice that there is no television anywhere because according to Ivana, their TV was still an old box type so she had to remove it and replace it with a flat-screen television.

One of their living rooms is opposite the dining room which has an 8-seater dining set. Their kitchen is simply white in color and still has no visible kitchen appliances.

After the kitchen, it shows the pantry, common CR and their rooms of their helpers. Below is the former bedroom of her dec3ased father who the actress says she has never renovated, except that they left the former bathroom and walk-in closet there because they no longer use it, but the room remains untouched and remained as a tribute to her father. Ivana’s former room was also there and another room they had never shown.

On the second floor are four bedrooms, two of the same design and one more special than the other. This unique room is designed by Ivana to have a white and gold theme so it looks more luxurious than the others.

The actress recently showed off the Master’s bedroom in her own bedroom. Spacious and has its own bathroom and walk-in closet. Its bathroom is made of marble floors and walls because she likes marble, with only one side of the wall as it is made of real crystals.

Ivana’s mansion is elegant and really rich and every room has a chandelier, which is also her hobby. Other equipment there is still from Dubai and it is noteworthy that she did not seem to have many personal accessories because she did not yet lived there.

Here Ivana and her family are staying in the Philippines because of the work she and her sister Mona have done in showbiz, so, for now, they are just finishing the house until the day they settle there.

What can you say about this? Do you admire the mansion of Ivana in Bahrain? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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