Nagbabala Ang Bumbero Kung Bakit Hindi Pwede Mag-iwan Ng Bottled Water Sa Loob Ng Sasakyan

Are you fond and love of traveling along with your friends, family or colleagues and using your personal car. This topic is especially for you and you can share it with your family, relatives, and friends. 

We all know that when we travel the number one we always take and keep is bottled water. We need to drink water to keep us hydrated, refreshed, to prevent starving ourselves and to relieve our thirst.

Although many of the bottled water we carry in our travel, do you know how risky it is to leave them in the car?

This is the account of Dioni Amuchastegui, a battery technician at Idaho Power in America. As he was eating his lunch he noticed smoke coming from his car. He thought they were just dust, but he made a mistake.

He approached his vehicle and discovered that the bottled water he had left inside caused the car to smoke. He said the sunlight was concentrating on the bottled water and there it started to smoke and burn.

David Richardson of the Midwest City Fire Department in Oklahoma also said:

“The air temperature doesn’t matter. It works just like a magnifying glass, like one that you would use to burn leaves as a kid. It’s the same principle.” 

He compared it to a scientific theory that when a leaf is pierced by a magnifying glass and applied to the sun, it can burn. He explained that the water bottle acts as a magnifying glass and because it is also a plastic object it can quickly heat up and burn.

The most dangerous of it is that your whole car can burn too.

This is a good reminder for everyone not to leave bottled water inside the care. Being proactive especially for our safety should be first and foremost.

What can you say about this? Do you leave your bottled water inside your car? Kindly share it with your family, relatives, and friends to make them aware of it? What are your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us?

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