Binawian Ng Buhay Ang Mister Ng Babaeng Ito Kung Kailan Naman Siya Nabuntis, Ngunit Hindi Niya Inaakala Na Hindi Naman Pala Ito Nawala

Two days have passed since Maida’s husband’s d3ath. She didn’t care about the money because they had a small grocery store, just because they had asked for a baby for so long. In whatever way they did just to have. They danced in Obando, cheering on what to do but still nothing.

And now she is pregnant with their first child and then her husband accidentally. She was left alone, not knowing how to continue life without it,

“Maida, eat it first. It is bad for you to stay hungry. Your son JR.”

Said her old aunt. It has orange juice and two pieces of the sandwich with mayonnaise.

It was sad to see her turn and look at her husband’s coff1n.

“Why are you like that? You will never see baby again, ”

She told the man. She stutters in the stomach while in tears.

“How do we have our son now?”

Meanwhile, Reynan’s stood next to the crowd who were playing gambling. He even listened because it was so loud when his neighbor shouted that the bar he had left was struck.

“So rude!”

Said the playing card giver.

Others c*rsed because of losses, they bet large but lost. Soon, two guards arrived.

“Guys, the gamble is only ten o’clock? Brgy. Chairman may have a problem as you are allowed to be. ”

They said. The playing card giver agreed but the other bettor complained. According to them, it is not enough.

Reynan looked back at Maida. His heart was touched by what she suffered. She must have been hurt by the woman’s path, which he felt right on his chest.

He was about to come here when he noticed that another aunt had told him so. She smiled because the old woman rubbed the lady’s stomach.

“Oh, I sure as daddy said that. That’s how JR was when his mother was there. Very active, kick kick. ”

Said the elder.

“Hopefully, even if JR is gone, I won’t be sad. I will take good care of the baby because he is the result of our love for each other. ”

Said the woman softly.

Reynan felt anxious because she was pregnant, and under both eyes was black. obviously over fatigue. Isn’t it bad for pregnant women to fall asleep?

Days passed and he was always on the wake. He never leaves, he always watches people and he watches the pregnant lady.

Until the time came for Maida’s husband to be bur1ed, he was there. In fact, as she cries ahead now saying the last message for her husband, she is also crying.

“Wherever you are, I wish you would know that you will remain in my heart. You will never be replaced here. I hope baby and I will watch over my hands when the time comes for me to weaken the challenges of life.

Even listeners are in mourning. They were inspired in the strength of the woman who is still able to stand up and speak ahead of herself even though everyone knows how much it hurts today.

Reynan was startled by the glare of the light.

He could not tell where a powerful voice had come from, but his name was called.

“What about my wife and child?” He asked.

“I will not let them down. Cross it. ”

Last glance at Aida. Yes. He is Reynante Cruz Jr. She is the lady’s husband.

All of a sudden, he didn’t even know he was in an accident. How surprised he was to see the body in the coff1n but her soul did not leave. As long as he could, he kept it.

Sometimes he even hugged Maida, he also stuck his face in the womb so that was when the kid kicked. Even though her mother doesn’t see her, the baby does.

Reynan smiled at the light. It is bur1ed the love of his heart, and the promise of God not to neglect his beloved wife and child.

What can you say about this? Do you learn a lesson from this story? Are you anxious about leaving your family when God permits you to depart from this world? Kindly share your thoughts, comments, and reactions with us.

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