Ganito Na Ang Buhay Ni Chuck Perez Na Dating Action Star Nang Mawala sa Showbiz

Here is the life now of well-known action movie star of the 90’s Chuck Perez, who gained popularity during the 1990s, after he departed from the showbiz limelight.

Apart from bold films, action movies also became famous throughout the 90s. That was the years when action stars surfaced such as Robin Padilla, Raymart Santiago, Jeric Raval, and many others. These actors were popular not just because they were impressive but also because they displayed that masculine looks onscreen.

When that time had passed, some action movie stars gambled into various fields while some continued in show business. One of those who quit their showbiz profession is Chuck Perez.

He made the movies ‘Ang Pumatay ng Dahil Sa Iyo (1989)’, ‘Kapag Wala ng Batas (1990)’, and ‘Codename: Bomba (1998)’. According to the article Chuck did not appears like an action star but a womanizer uncle.

His work in the showbiz industry was busy from 1988-2000. After that, he looked to disappeared leaving untraced at all. Because of his loss, he became a victim of a death h0ax.

On the other hand, thoughts about his death are untrue. Even his Wikipedia entry stating that he d1ed last October 1, 2000, is misleading. It was also speculated that he d1ed because of a motorcycle accident. According to the article from PEP, Chuck was last seen having a reunited with his Kababayan Edgar Mande in San Francisco, California last April 15, 2019.

Chuck was 55 years old last November which also contradicts his age in his Wikipedia entry. On the other hand, the former action star increased weight and his physical appearance is very different from his looks during the 90s. Based on the article, he is now serving in a US company that delivers medical equipment.

What can you say about this? Do you miss him on the big screen? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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