Coco Martin, Nagsalita Na Sa Mga Nagtanggol Sa Kanya Sa Mga Nambabash Sa Kanya Online

A lot of Kapamilya celebrities, as well as the netizens, could not help but to express their sentiments, regrets, and supports against the shutdown on one of the largest television networks in the country, the ABS-CBN. One of the Kapamilya stars that were very vocal and boldly spoke up supports was Coco Martin.

He was not only recognized because of being a good and talented actor but many people witnessed his kindness and goodness of supporting other people especially those who were in need.

It is not surprising that presently that he encounters several online bash1ng because of being the leading Kapamilya talents who bravely speak her immense support for the Kapamilya network.

It is not surprising that several of his friends and fans expressed their support for the actor and he did not forget them to expressed his gratitude because of the supports given by his friends and fans as well as his fellow celebrities and buddies working in the showbiz industry.

Coco Martin brought to Instagram to acknowledge all the people who have given him support in the middle of the criticisms he has been experiencing on social media.

Even though the criticisms are cast against him for talking out his opinion on the shut down of ABS-CBN, Coco Martin keeps a positive vision in life — gratefulness to his faithful supporters who never quit displaying support on social media.

In a string of Instagram posts through one of his social media accounts, Coco Martin PH, Coco reposted some of the inspiring messages he got from his fellow actors, friends in the showbiz industry, and as well as from his fans.

Coco Martin is the leading actor in the most successful ABS-CBN primetime television series ‘FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano’.

What can you say about this? Do you admire Coco Martin, not because of his talents but rather his kindness and goodness with people? Do you support him in being vocal and brave of expressing support to the Kapamilya network? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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