Coco Martin Pinakita Na Sa Publiko Ang Kanyang Malaking Bahay Sa Quezon City

The Kapamilya actor Coco Martin’s career has soared since his time as an indie actor last year. According to news reports, Coco has a net worth of $20 million and is one of the most famous actors in the Philippine showbiz industry. Its 2000 sqm house is considered the best house in the whole country because of its resort-like facilities. Coco Martin’s resort-like home is located in Quezon City.

His house was completed three years later because Coco Martin did not want to loan from the bank just to build his dream house. He said he built the house for a long time because he had to work and save.

He is not in a hurry to finish his house because he is afraid of borrowing from the bank because his work is temporary. The actor says that at times his work is okay and that he will suddenly lose it.

He also thought that when he loans the money from the bank he might lose his dream house and foreclosed if he wasn’t able to pay and that was the worst thing that could happen to his house just in case it will happen.

Coco Martin started building a simple house and as his career progressed he bought land. Coco has inspired homes from architectural magazines to imitate his own dream house. The door was designed by Abdulmari Asia Imao, a national Artist for Visual Arts.

Coco Martin created an art piece door that featured fish since his grandmother has a zodiac sign Pisces. Several designers also decorated Coco Martin’s home. such as Miguel Aguas, Trek Valdizno, Kenneth Cobonpue, and Vito Selma.


The actor has a small movie theater in his house with complete sound systems and chairs. It will be seen that his awards are displayed in his cinema room.


His room also features a variety of abstract paintings from another National Artist for Visual Arts Arturo Luz. Kenneth Cobonpue’s furniture adorns his living room and other parts of his home.

In its pool area, there is a cabana built into a guest house with complete furniture from the bedroom to the kitchen. many netizens are amazed at Coco Martin’s hard work and perseverance and many say the actor deserves such a beautiful dream house.

What can you say about this? Are you amazed and impressed upon seeing his dream house? Do you also dream of a house like this? kindly share your comments, reactions, and opinions with us.

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