Magkasintahan Sa Singapore, Nagpakasal Sa Live Stream Dahil Sa nCoV

A Singaporean couple showed that there is no hindrance even the global health crisis of the so-called Novel coronavirus was on going to prevent them from throwing one frustration of a wedding celebration, not even when they had to be in a hotel.

The couple deliberately separated themselves after a previous China tour and show up their own ceremony last Feb 2, 2020, by a live-stream, reported Shin Min Daily News.

Notwithstanding rising global matter over the present Novel coronavirus epidemic and the increasing number of events in China, they had chosen to have Chinese New Year in Hunan with the bride’s family, coming back to Singapore last Jan 30, 2020.

And that’s when everything started to drop aside. For one, the bride’s parents could not come to the celebration because of the due the recent travel limitations, the groom said to the Chinese Daily.

Travel limitations imposed by the government from Feb 1, 2020, indicate that any guest who has been from mainland China in the past 14 days will be prohibited from admission or transit into Singapore. Owners of Chinese passports also encountered visa limitations.

Visitors also stated their interests once they learned that the couple had lately come back from China.

“We know many of our guests were worried. We had discussed with the hotel on postponing the banquet but could not reach an agreement. To let our guests have peace of mind, we made this decision,”

The groom revealed.

Getting the most of the hand that they were administered, the couple chose to go advancing with the celebration at M Hotel as the main attraction — themselves.

Guests also expressed their concerns once they heard that the couple had recently returned from China.

The pair did away with the conventional wedding march-in, choosing to welcome visitors through a live-stream from a hotel suite, all prepared up in their wedding clothes.

“Thank you all for attending our wedding. We’re very sorry for not being at the venue to enjoy a wonderful time with everyone,”

The bride responded, addressing to the visitors.

“But we’re still happy over here. We’re grateful to everyone for coming.”

“Thank you all for attending our wedding. We’re very sorry for not being at the venue to enjoy a wonderful time with everyone,”

The groom’s parents, who reside together with the lovely pair, were also on LOA, making only his sister attend to the wedding visitors on-site.

Luckily, their nonexistence didn’t put too much of a hindrance on the celebration.

“We interacted with our guests via live-stream and popped some champagne to celebrate. The emcee also invited our relatives on stage to ‘yum seng’ [give a toast]. It was a happy occasion,”

The groom explained.

The couple had booked a total of 19 tables for the ceremony but only achieved to cater 11 tables because some of the visitors did not attend the ceremony, he regretted, continuing that some visitors consumed two portions of food while others take home extra food in order to lessen leftover foods.

The state of the pair’s honeymoon next month is also in isolation. They have not made any particular plans, although it doesn’t appear too possible that they will go outside the country he explained.

What can you say about this? Do you admire and inspired by the alternative they did just to celebrated their grandest day? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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