Isang Dalaga Ang Dinala Sa Ospital Dahil Nasobrahan Sa Pag-inom Ng Milk Tea Habang Kumakain Ng Maanghang

It is not b4d to enjoy comfort in life but it is true that excessive has a detrimental effect on human life and health. Like a young lady in the hospital after eating simultaneously spicy foods and drinking milk tea.

According to her, she thought she only had “heartburn” so she did not give attention to what she felt until she could no longer endure the pain and she was hospitalized.

In the post of Jeff Nortez Serano, a Facebook User, she recently left the hospital after eating her favorite spicy food and drinking milk tea. She could not have imagined that consuming chili sauce or chili oil together with milk tea would cause her severe pain.

Although she was accustomed to this system, she was shocked when she was rushed to the hospital for an unexpected headache, stomach and chest pain. She ignored her bad feelings at first thinking that maybe she was just tired of traveling.

The next morning her fever rose and she took medicine to prevent it and dizziness, and she rested again. But she didn’t think it was enough so she could do nothing but go to the hospital.

In these two incidents, many of our people are unaware of the possible harm caused by simultaneously eating spicy foods and drinking milk tea.

It is common for Filipinos to eat on the street food stores that often have the option of spicy sauce. And given the presence of so many milk tea shops, it is not possible for these two foods to be consumed by Filipinos.

It needs to be aware of food consumption. She said she was fine and was immediately seen at the checkup before reaching her stomach to be dam4ge. There was more to the taboo but that was better than the hospital’s recovery.

She said,

“Ingatan nyo ang sarili ninyo, hindi lahat ng masarap ay pwede sa katawan natin.”

What can you say about this? Do you experience such food eating simultaneously? Are you fond of eating spicy foods along with drinking milk tea? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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