Dalagang Dinala Sa Ospital Nagmadaling Maglagay Ng Heavy Make-up Matapos Malaman Na Dadalaw Ang Kanyang Kasintahan

The hospital is one of the places most of us fear to go to, especially if you are experiencing something that is further wors3ning your health.

There is also the chance that some of us do not want to see patients in the hospital because we can see how weak and pale their faces are and some of them cannot move as well as they used to.

However, this Vietnamese influencer is unique to other patients while they are in the hospital.

She might not have imagined that her boyfriend would see her pale and without makeup even when she was in the hospital, so she hurriedly put makeup on her face when she knew he was going to visit her.

According to a World of Buzz report, Wangmei was overjoyed to learn that her boyfriend was going to the hospital for her to visit and say hello.

She also uploaded her picture to her social media account with the caption:

“My boyfriend is coming to see me!”.

Wangmei also hurriedly put on eyebrows, blusher, eye shadow, and eyeliner. Not only that because it also puts nail polish on her nails. Wangmei was also able to put some accessories on her body such as earrings, which can be seen in the photo she uploaded.

Despite the makeup she put on her face even though there were devices attached to her, some netizens criticized her for putting too much makeup on her face, and others said she didn’t need it anymore. put on extra-thick makeup to make her look beautiful.

Some netizens also noticed her large earring in which they said Wangmei was no longer a patient and that it seemed to be no sickn3ss.

While other netizens defended Wangmei and said that Wangmei might just want her boyfriend not to worry about her because of her pale appearance so she thought about putting on makeup so it would look happy and her face looks sad.

What can you say about this? Do you admire her idea to stay beautiful in spite of her condition? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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