Daniel Padilla, Inamin Na Kung Sino Ang Kauna-unahang Celebrity Crush Niya Sa Showbiz

Daniel Padilla or DJ as what people call him started his career at such a young age. He already builds his own name and became popular when he first appeared in the ABS-CBN’s youth-oriented show ‘Gimik’.

The ‘Teen King’ also proved to everyone that he is not just behind his good looks, but he has an amazing talent when it comes to acting, especially in singing.

Aside from having a successful career, Daniel is also happily in love with his real and real-life partner, Kathryn Bernardo.

Daniel, on the other hand, revealed her celebrity crush when he was still a kid. In his interview with ABS-CBN’s morning talk show, “Magandang Buhay”, the actor admitted that Jolina Magdangal is his long-time celebrity crush before. Jolina is one of the show’s hosts together with DJ’s mother, Karla Estrada, and comedian Melai Cantiveros.

The teen idol stated,

“Totoo ‘yon nung batang bata pa ako.”

Karla then stated that Daniel really admired the colorful style of Jolina,

“Tuwang-tuwa siya kasi hindi ba si Jolina, sobrang ang daming palamuti lagi. Ang colorful ni Jolina manamit, natutuwa siya doon.”

Meanwhile, Jolina didn’t know how she will react over the revelation of the actor. She only expressed his gratitude for DJ for his admiration towards her and for appreciating her fashion style before.

She said,

“Ang cute, nahiya naman ako.”

Jolina Magdangal is one of the actresses that we really admired before up until now. Many people quickly fell in love with Jolina because of her sweet and captivating voice. Plus, her innocent character and amazing acting skills that really makes us love her more.

That’s why we can’t blame Daniel for having a crush to Jolina when he was still a kid.

Right now, Jolina already has her own family and she is now a caring mother to her two children Pele Inigo and Vika Anaya, and a loving wife to husband, Mark Escueta.

What can you say about this? Do you admire being honest with his revelation of his crush? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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