Dinaan Nalang Sa Iyak Ni Jinkee Pacquiao Ang Desisyon Ng Kanyang Anak Na Si Jimuel Na Pumasok Sa Larangan Ng Boxing

The Boxing champion and senator Manny Pacquiao shared last Wednesday on how they were hurt Manny and Jinkee when they saw one of their children following his footsteps in boxing. Pacquiao expressed his wife of frequent crying of his wife just to stop her son Emmanuel “Jimuel” Pacquiao Jr. from attempting to participate in physical sports boxing. Manny Pacquiao told in an interview on ABS-CBN News Channel.

“Actually, ayaw namin… We discourage him,”

Sen. Pacquiao added.

“Dini-discourage namin talaga and then sa bahay wala kang makitang boxing gloves o any boxing equipment sa bahay. Basketball meron,”

But the senator said that his son wanted to be like him a boxer. Senator Pacquiao revealed.

“Yung mommy nya, ilang beses nang umiyak: ‘Huwag kang mag boxing anak.’ Ako masakit din sa akin na mag-boxing sya dahil alam ko kung gaano kahirap yung boxing,”

He also explained to his son that he was forced to join himself in boxing to get out of poverty. Senator Pacquiao told to his son.

“Ikaw, you don’t need to box,”

But Jimuel replied to him.

‘Daddy, like you, boxing is my passion also.’

When asked whether he would allow or prevent his son, he said.

“Gusto talaga nya eh.”

Before he was asked regarding his son, the senator also spoke about his passion for boxing, the reason he did not stop despite the repeated calls for him to retire. Sen. Pacquiao said.

“Boxing is my passion kasi eh…Yun yung nagbibigay sa akin ng kasiyahan,”

However, Pacquiao indicated he would soon retire from boxing.

“May sign. Pag may naramdaman ako basta malapit na rin,”.

Check out the video below: What can you say the passion of the father and son in boxing? Do you also like boxing as your profession? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and opinions with us.

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