Pangarap Ng Estudyanteng Pedicab Driver ang ‘Fried Chicken’

It is just a simple dream to a 15 years old pedicab driver to eat a fried chicken. For people who have the capacity of buying foods they want to eat, it is an ordinary day for them but for John Paul, it was already a fulfillment of his dream.

For a poor person like John Paul, it is not easy for them because he was forced to work as a pedicab driver before going to school. Aside from this, John Paul is included as one of the students who have no enough height at his age.

According to the report of Mariz Umali, one of the reporter and host of the Kapuso Program ‘Brigada’. It was found out that John Paul was driving a pedicab to earn money at noon before going to school.

Sadly for John Paul, it was a dream for him to eat fried chicken.
But since his parents did not earn enough money to buy it, it still seemed impossible for them to eat fried chicken. John Paul, however, does not lose hope that someday his family will also taste delicious food.

But this is not just John Paul’s problem, it is one of the few children who is short in height. Because its height is 151.5 cm. is applicable only to children 10 years of age.

Instead of grade 9, John Paul is still in grade 5 because of poverty in life. Thus, he is forced to lie at his true age because he is ashamed of his classmates.

Although we often hear this story, it is sad that little ones like John Paul are going through so much of life’s difficult challenges.

What can you say about this? Do you have a simple dream same as John Paul? Are you touched with his small dream in life not only for him but for his entire family? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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