Filipina Bride Dumiretso Sa Hospital, Groom Naghintay Sa Simbahan

Liza and Benson, a Filipino couple living in Barcelona, ​​Spain, did not expect their wedding day to be held in a hospital.

The couple’s wedding took place on the day of their child’s birth.

We often see these kinds of things on television shows only. In real life that is happening too.

As the bride was getting ready for her wedding she did not expect her amniotic fluid to break up so they had to go to the hospital right away with her friend wearing her wedding gown.

Liza and her friend board a public transport to Maternitat hospital. While the groom is waiting in the church without knowing that his wife is about to give birth.

When Benson learned that his wife was in the hospital, he immediately went to the hospital with their families and the pastor.

Because of Liza’s belief that she wanted to get married before she was born, the hospital allowed Liza’s wish to come true.

In the room where Liza will give birth, their families and the pastor were there to pursue Liza and Benson’s marriage.

Employees at the hospital maternitat were amazed and overjoyed that the wedding of Liza and Benson was a history of the hospital because it was the first wedding that took place there.

After the ceremony, the delivery of Liza was continued and on that day Prince Benedict was born.

Because of Liza’s belief that the delivery of her bay did not hinder her marriage to Benson.

What can you say about this? Do you have a belief that like Liza? Do you give importance to your marriage? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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