Glaiza de Castro, Sinagot Ang Natanggap Na Iba’t Ibang Komento At Nadamay Pa Ang Kanyang Irish Boyfriend

Glaiza de Castro was not able to escape to the netizens who usually do nothing but only make rude comments to the actress.

Glaiza was even tagged as “m4landi”. Netizens even involved the actress’ boyfriend to their negative remarks and called him as “v!rus” and “d3m0nyo.” The netizens who throw rude remarks against Glaiza seem to come from the same person. They don’t have profile pictures on their social media account.

Here are some negative comments that the actress and her Irish boyfriend received from some netizens:

Meanwhile, Glaiza chooses to not engaged herself with the b4shers because she knew they are not worth her time. But, her fans seems couldn’t let it slide and defended the actress over the netizens who keep on giving rude comments to Glaiza and her boyfriend whenever there is news or something happening between them.

But Glaiza manager to keep her cool and easily addressed the tweets in a very classy way.

The actress also responded to a fan who defended her against the netizens.

Glaiza wrote on her tweet,

“Matatagpuan din sila ng taong magmamahal at uunawa sa kanila gaya ng pagmamahal at pang uunawa sa akin sa kabila ng topak ko. Naniniwala ako.”

She added,

“Salamat pero hindi kailangang pumatol. Inom ka nalang yakult.”

The actress further went on,

“Alam niyo gaiz, marami na tayong nababasa sa Twitter na nakaka apekto sa emosyon natin, mas makakatulong sa atin at sa lahat ng makakabasa ng tweet natin na huwag mag reply ng masasakit na salita. Kahit pa minsan nakakainis na talaga.”

More and more celebrities nowadays are received several negative remarks from the online community. Just like Regine Velasquez who received massive negative comments from some netizens after she expresses her opinions over the closure of ABS-CBN Network.

What can you say about this? Do you admire her coolness against her b4shers? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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