Kahit Maliit Ang Kinikita Ng Gotohan Ng Lalaking Ito Ay Hindi Siya Nagdadalawang Isip Na Bigyan Ng Libre Ang Pamilya ng Nakatira Sa Tapat Ng Kubo Sa Kanyang Pwesto, Ngunit Hindi Niya Inaasahan Na Ito Pala Ang Makakapagpabago Ng Kanyang Buhay

Tito then focused on serving several of his clients in the small food store he acquired. Since then were so many more enjoyable food stores in their subdivision, his sales have really slowed down. He did not have the money to sell different types of rice porridge so he persevered to sell them.

Looking out of the open window of his store was the shanty overlooking their food store that was being destroyed when the storms come. It was only lighted by kerosene lamp since there was no electricity in that shanty resided by a poor family.

“What a pity of the family living there? Those who have nothing to eat. Where do they come from? ”

Tito heard from one of his customers.

“I do not know. I just saw those there, one day, e. The others said it was the victim of fire, ”

He said.

Tito had just shaken his head in when he felt sorry for the family, so he had to put some rice porridge in a big bowl.

“Where are you going, Boss?”

Asked one of his helpers when he saw him leave the store, carrying his hot rice porridge.

“There, where the family lives in the hut. I have pity on them Earlier, I could hear the baby crying inside. Looks like she’s hungry, ”

He replied to his helper, Lloyd.

“Hey, boss, you know you’re losing money because we have so few customers, then you want to give our merchandise for free?”

Lloyd protested, shaking his head,

“We’re losing it. , Boss! ”

He added.

“Do not worry. I answer this. Don’t you feel sorry for them? Are you getting hungry from me? I’ll just see if you don’t cry when your stomach was aching, ”

Tito just laughed as he joked about his helper.

“Go ahead. You just have to take care of our customers and it might cool down. ”

“Oh, thank you so much, sir!”

It was almost a tear in the eyes of the skinny mother of the family who lived in the shanty where Tito went to bring them food.

“Nothing, madam. You eat it and it might cool down. It is better to eat rice porridge when it’s still hot. Is that enough for your family? ”

Worrying that Tito’s eyes were still in the shanty. They didn’t even have a comfortable bed there, because the shanty was about to collapse. It’s dangerous for kids who are with them.

“Oh my God. How did you sleep in that place? ”

Tito slapped his own forehead.

“You stand up here first and I will offer you a new home. I have a small stock room in the back of my store, but I think you will be fit there. Nothing was inside there because I didn’t have any stock, ”

Tito proudly told the family that he was deeply grateful.

Tito feeds, shelters and gives new hope to that family without asking for an exchange, even though he is almost nothing… a very good attitude that has gone viral on social media like a wildfire.

That night there was a vlogger present and it was eating exactly in Tito’s food store. It is a popular food critique that has millions of followers and has earned thousands through its videos. It even captures the video of Tito’s heart-wrenching feelings of helping a fire victim family who immediately applauds netizens!

Customers immediately went to Tito’s food store, opening up more opportunities for the family he helped. Many came to the rescue, not only to the fire victim family but also to Tito, who has been renovated his store. He has also added a number of another menu, such as pares, Mami, canton and noodles and whatever else can be added to the type of foods exactly in his food store.

“Sir, thank you for your kindness to us. You are a true role model. Hopefully, your number will increase and prosper. ”

Tito also hired the father of the family he helped to supplement with his help. Today, they are no longer just a stock room, as Toto has renovated that portion of his estate to make it a bigger and more home-like place where such a family can start again.

Meanwhile, Tito’s relatives are proud of what he has done. Many of his neighbors have been inspired and have been equally impressed by his accomplishments.

What can you say about this? Do you learn a lesson from this short story? Are you willing to help other people in needs in spite of your poor financial condition? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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