Gwen Zamora at David Semerad, pinakita ang simple nilang pamumuhay sa Probinsya

Having a simple life in the province is indeed one of the best feelings that one can feel. Aside from that, you can have a peaceful life away from the noise in the cities. You can also get relax because of the fresh air in the province.

Gwen Zamora and David Semerad recently shared their peaceful life in the province. The couple even shared their house which they called ‘Semerad house’. Gwen and David build the house in the year 2019. At that time, their child named Cooper came to their lives.

On an Instagram post of Gwen, she shared how thankful she is that they are able to go to their house in Batangas before the start of the l0ckd0wn in Luzon.

Gwen wrote on her IG post,
“We are super grateful we made it here on time for l0ckd0wn, we honestly feel safer, especially for Cooper whereas he gets to grow with nature and breathe fresh air.”

The couple took two years to build the house and it took over three months to be completed. Gwen and David are both half Filipinos. Because of this, the couple decided to have a Kubo theme for their house in the province because they wanted to have something different from the place they grew up with.

Gwen said,
“Both being half Filipinos, we wanted something different from what we’ve grown up with. A true taste of the Philippines. A kubo was ideal for giving us that cabin feel and a true blend with the nature of our surroundings.”

Aside from their house in the cities, the couple also wanted to have a house in the province where it will serve as the place where they can relax and relieve stress from work.

Gwen told,
“My favorite place would definitely be the outdoor kitchen, it’s simple, spacious with a lovely view of the tropics.”

The actress is also happy because her husband was able to plant a different kind of fruits and vegetables before the l0ckd0wn.

She added,
“Even before we got here for l0ckd0wn, David already started planting or germinating some fruits or veggies. So far he was able to plant, papaya, chillis, eggplant, tomatoes, corn, pumpkin, watermelon, calamansi, sweet potatoes, mangoes, upos, beans, lemons, guyabanos, sunflowers, okras, beans, banana, cucumber, and mandarins. He truly has a green thumb.”

Because of the ongoing p@nd3m!c in the country, the couple also learns to enjoy living a simple life in the province which is really far away from the noise in Metro Manila.

Many netizens really admired the couple because despite being rich, they still remain humble and simple.

What can you say about this? Do you miss her on the big and small screen? Do you want to live in the province and escape the noise of the city? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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