Ginulat Ni Heart Evangelista Ang Lahat Nang Malaman Ang Halaga Ng Kanyang Hermes Placemats, Plato At Teacups

Nowadays various celebrities from the showbiz industry are making their videos and uploading through their youtube channel. It is not only we saw them on the screen or on camera but also from youtube that makes them more popular not only to their fans and supporters but also from the netizens who were actively online.

One celebrity that has been active uploading videos in her youtube channel is no other than Heart Evangelista. And we all know that she is fond of pricey stuff such as bags and fashion clothes which are branded and well known to be expensive.

One of her favorite brand of stuff is Hermes and even her placemats caught the attention of the netizens who watched her video uploaded on her youtube channel because of its brand and of course of the price.

That is why it is not surprising that her video caught the attention of various netizens that share their various reactions and comments after watching her videos.

The Kapuso star and the wife of the former senator Chiz Escudero and presently the governor of Sorsogon is well known for having high-end and pricey leather bags which are always witnessed on her social media accounts.

It was found out on her latest uploaded video on her youtube channel titled “Set The Table With Me,” the pretty actress highlighted her placemat collection from one of the most popular brands, Hermes that cost $130 or almost Php 6700 per set based on their website.

In addition to that, she also highlighted her Hermes plates as well as her teacups having a cost beginning at $115 or almost Php 6000 each.

Due to the pricey cost of the plates, teacups, and placemats, she highlighted on her youtube channel, netizens shared their various reactions and comments that amazed the netizens.

“Heart’s Hermes paper placemats reminded me how hampas lupa i am.”

“Gurl! I just got diagnosed with stage 3 poverty just by watching this video!”

“Set of 6 placemats from Hermes cost 32k pesos. I can’t even afford a placemat.”


“I love that even though they’re rich, she appreciates and takes care of the expensive items she buys.”

“When Heart said, I got these from Hermes and Haute Manila. Me was like, I got mine from Super 8 Grocery and Puregold. HAHAHAHA.”

“Heart got her plates from Hermes and French plate designers. I got mine from freebies of Knorr Sinigang Mix, bowls from Maggi Noodles, and cups from Kopiko Black. I felt so poor. Lol!”

How about you? What can you say about the pricey table set collections of Heart Evangelista? Do you admire the kitchen table set collection of the wealthy and rich actress? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and comments with us.

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