Heart Evangelista, Pinakita Ang Kanyang Mga Mamahaling Jewelries At Tinuruan Ang Followers Niya Kung Paano Ito Suotin

Jewelry is already a part of the fashion trend. A person’s beauty shines even more when she is wrapped by beautiful jewelry.

In the recent YouTube vlog of actress Heart Evangelista entitled “JEWELRY 101 FEATURING ROYAL GEM”, the Kapuso star showed to the online community and to her fans her jewelry collection.

Heart showed and explained the story of each of her jewelry and where it came from. Among the jewelry that she showed in her video is the Tauco Gold Chains Ring, Tru Radiance Diamond Stud Earrings, White Gold Stud Earrings, Golden South Sea Pear Dangling Earrings, Two-Toned Dia Cut Hoop Earrings, Italian or Saudi Gold Rings, White South Sea Pearl Stud Earrings, and Yellow Gold Hoop Earrings.

The Kapuso star wrote on the caption of her video,

“If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I cannot live without my jewelry. I express myself through my jewels because each piece tells a different story. In today’s vlog, I’ll give you a rundown of my favorite Royal Gem pieces, teach you how to grow your collection, how to style them, and so much more! I hope you enjoy, my dears!”

Aside from this, Heart also explained how to wear and style jewelry.

She said,

“It’s how you carry yourself. It’s how you wear it with confidence and if you love it, it will automatically look good and it would be, sort of like an extension of your personality for sure.”

Meanwhile, many netizens express their amusement and admiration for the jewelry collection of Heart. Here are some comments from the online community:

“I’m not really into jewelry but I’m watching this because it’s from Heart.”

“It’s like I have few pieces but still…. This video is, “Heart Evangelista making you feel poor for almost 20minutes. Hahahah.”

“Oh I really really love heart. The way she speaks the way she moves,very elegant, I liked to see you in person,miss heart please. I’m your avid fan.”

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