Host Ng Showtime, Nabigla Sa Pagwo-walk out ni Vice Ganda Habang On Air Ang Noontime Show

ABS-CBN Network is forced to close again for good after receiving another cease-and-desist order from the National Telecommunications Commission last week. Kapamilya celebrities and employes are only hoping that their franchise will eventually be renewed. But their hopes were subdued after the decision of House Officials on Legislative Franchise to deny the application of the ABS-CBN for a fresh 25-year franchise. This decision also leads to more than 11,000 employees losing their job amid the pandemic.

Kapamilya stars and employees felt emotional and sad by this decision, especially that most of them have worked in the broadcasting media giant for so many years. The ABS-CBN is already their second home so it is really painful to see the network closing down for good without knowing when will they return to the television. Among those celebrities who had a hard time accepting what happened to the Kapamilya network is comedian-host Vice Ganda.

“Its Showtime” is still airing in their online program even though the said noontime show cannot air on channel 2 anymore. Vice Ganda recently goes viral online after he became emotional during the opening number on the show. Many people are always looking forward to all the hosts having their respective part on the opening song of “Its Showtime”.

We always see Vice Ganda very active and happy during their opening number. But the comedian couldn’t help but felt emotional during this particular episode. Vice Ganda was visibly distracted while his other co-hosts Jhong Hilario, Vhong Navarro, Teddy Corpuz, and Jugs Jugueta are smiling throughout the entire opening performance.

It can be seen how Vice Ganda keeps on turning from side to side and looking at his co-hosts while he was singing. But after a while, he suddenly walks out from the stage without saying a word. Even his co-hosts were surprised by the actions of Vice Ganda.

After the show, he then took to his Twitter account to clarify why he exited the stage, saying he just needed to have some time to cry as he was still overwhelmed with what happened to ABS-CBN. Vice Ganda added that he can’t appear happy and fake his emotions on screen, especially now that ABS-CBN will close down for good.

He said,

“Kailangan kong umexit sa point na yun para umiyak. I couldn’t fake it. Pero ok nako after humagulgol.”

What can you say about this? Do you think that Vice is really upset and sad shy he did this thing? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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