Isang Netizen Ang Kumita Ng 160,500 Pesos Dahil Sa Pagbebenta Ng Ice Candy At Sari-sari Store

Each of us desires to prosper in life and to experience comfort not only for ourselves but also for those who are part of our family. So whatever source of income can be done to make this dream come true.

In a Facebook Page known as ‘Peso Sense’, there is a woman who shares her story of how she managed to raise money that most people don’t expect because of her way.

She was identified as Riz Red Moreno, a housewife. In addition to taking care of children and caring for the needs of the whole family, she also takes care of a sari-sari store. In the meantime, she plans to add ice candy in her store since she still has extra time to do so.

She makes two casseroles of the mixed ingredients in one day and from there she produces up to 165 pieces of ice candies.

Mango and young coconut are the flavors she sells for five pesos each. Her goods are often sold out and she earns Php 800 every day. Riz has been provident and making good money and saving Php 500 from her profit while Php 300 has been kept for electricity bills.

She does these things every day unless it is rainy or she feels bad. So she soon accumulated up to Php 160, 500 when she opened her piggy bank!

Riz was very happy and did not think that because simply adding merchandise to her store would make her the key to saving even when she was only inside the house. As a result, she has been an inspiration by many and has left an important message for her fellow housewife.

Riz shared on the Facebook Page ‘Peso Sense’.

“Kaya sa mga nanay kahit nasa bahay lang kayo kaya nyo rin makaipon sipag tyaga lang talaga at disiplina pagdating sa pera, maraming salamat at sana maging inspirasyon itong ipon challenge ko na ito, Thank you po at happy new year sa inyong lahat.”

There is, of course, no exact ways or means for us to achieve success and we all have a different way to do it. It is up to us how and when we begin to apply our ways and means toward achieving our dream in life.

What can you say about this? Do you have ways and means of saving money for your family? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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