Raffy Tulfo Nagduda Sa Dahilan Ng Isang OFW Kung Bakit Biglang Nakipaghiwalay Sa Mister

Many people are approaching Raffy Tulfo in Action to help them to resolve their problems and issues they suffered. Another OFW seeking help to idol Raffy Tulfo to get her children from her life partner.


She decided not to live with her partner because of being a liar to her. The reason behind the separation of the OFW is shallow and not a valid reason to break the family. Since a family should be cherished especially for the sake of their children and resolve the issues just to preserve it.

In spite of the pleading and convincing of Raffy Tulfo to the OFW named Rizalyn Manuel who seeks help to the program. The tough-talking anchorman is unsuccessful to resolve the issue of Rizalyn Manuel with her partner Renante Deacosta.

It was found out based on their revelation that Rizalyn wants to separate her partner because he is not telling the truth and he did not tell other people that he is married to her.

The partner admitted that he did not tell the truth to Rizalyn but it has been a long time that Renante was separated from his former partner and have another family.

But Rizalyn is determined to separate from her partner Renante and she said that it was her final decision. She stands firm that the reason behind why she wants to separate from her partner Renante because of not telling her the truth and that was the reason that she did not love Renante anymore.

But various netizens along with idol Raffy Tulfo doubted her reason for separating her partner and they were not convinced that the woman has no other man.

For how many times that Raffy Tulfo tries Rizalyn to admit the truth if she had another boyfriend but she stands firm that she has no other boyfriend.

On the other hand, in the end, she agrees to return to the home along with Deacosta in Laguna to live together for the sake of their children and as being a wife.

Meanwhile, Raffy Tulfo advises Deacosta to persuade the woman while they are living together in one roof. But he could not insist on the woman because she hardened her heart towards her partner.

What can you say about this? Do you believe that it is the real reason for the woman why she wants to separate from her partner? Do you think that she has another man why she wants to separate from her partner? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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