Ilang Lugar Sa Pilipinas Maaring Lumubog Pagdating Ng 2050 Galing Mismo Sa Mga Eksperto

The Kapatid Network News5 recently reported that some areas in the Philippines could be submerged by the year 2050, according to a study by New Jersey-based science organization Climate Central.

The study also states that this is a result of the continuous and worsening sea-level rise and global temperature due to carbon dioxide emission.

Many of our netizens blame the ever-increasing carbon dioxide emission because it causes the glaciers to melt in some parts of the world, causing the world’s rising sea level.

According to the study, areas that could sink in the Philippines are Roxas City, Cebu City, Southwestern Metro Manila, Northwestern Metro Manila and parts of Bulacan, Zamboanga City, Iloilo City, and the City of Manila,

Many of our netizens have reacted differently. Some share their frustration and sadness, while others say this may be the sign that our world is about to end.

However, many of our netizens do not believe in the study of such organizations.

Here are some of our netizens’ comments:

“palatandaan na malapit na ang wakas, well wag tayong magbigay ng petsa. dahil walang nkakaalam kung kelan yan darating. Diyos lang ang may alam ng lahat. magsisi na lang tayo at manalangin sa Diyos.”

“Nangyari na ito sa Jakarta kaya ililipat na nila ang kanilang capital city sa East Kalimantan in the island of Borneo. Cities already sinking were; London, Dhaka, Bangkok, New Orleans and other cities in the world.”

“only God knows what will happen to us and mother Earth on year 2050 which is 31 years from now. I always believed in God’s miracle to our beloved country the Philippines.”

What can you say about this? Do you believe that it will happen? Kindly share your reactions, comments, and thoughts with us

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