Ito Pala Dahilan Kung Bakit Naging Artista Si Angel Locsin

As we all understand, celebrities and stars had their own version of stories to narrate on how they became popular and successful in local show business.

But there are some celebrities who became popular in accidental circumstances. Just like the real-life Darna and Kapamilya actress Angel Locsin.

In her guesting in the Kapamilya morning talk show, ‘Magandang Buhay’, the real-life Darna, Angel revealed how she was found and her initial years in the show business.

Angel told that she was with her best friend at a mall to buy some groceries. They saw a man lining up in the lotto outlet gazing at her.

Angel unveiled.

“Nago-grocery ako sa mall kasama ko yung best friend ko. Tapos may nakita akong nakapila sa lotto.”

“Tapos lumalapit sa akin… Parang ‘Hala, ano ‘to? Bakit niya ako nilalapitan?”

“So tumatakbo ako palayo. Yung bitbit kong plastic nun napunit so nagkaroon siya ng opportunity na maka-catch up.”

The man directly goes to her. In her fear, the actress runs away believing that the man will grab her.

But because of the massive grocery bags, she was taking, the man reached into her.

“Tapos binigyan niya ako ng calling card. Gusto lang pala niya ako kunin sa commercial.”

“So dun nagsimula ‘Gusto mo ba mag commercial?’ Ako naman, any opportunity na makatulong sa pamilya ‘Okay, magkano ba?’”

Without any knowledge, the man really acts as a talent scout. He just needs to question if Angel would become enthusiastic about being a commercial model. When the man approached her, he supposedly presented her a calling card.

At her young age, the actress recognized how her family strives during that time.
She instantly said yes to the talent scout, considering that she might assist her family.

The actress even recalled how she laughingly asks the talent scout how much will she earn if she decided to go with it.

Angel also explained that she doesn’t even imagine of being such popular as she is right now when those days. She also revealed that her initial years in showbiz was was not simple.

“Magko-commute ako Caloocan, MRT, bus, papuntang Makati,”

Angel described.

The Kapamilya actress explained that she had to do various trips just to go to work. But she continued all of it for the benefit of her family.

The person who first managed Angel also gave her the chance to attend workshops. She told it actually a bit difficult since the workshop had regulations for every member.

They are all warned not to mention anyone outside the program what was happening. This regulation drives to Angel having a few differences and conflicts with his father.

Being a father’s girl, it came to her father’s wonder when Angel began to become tight-lipped about her actions.

Presently, Angel Locsin is now one of those celebrities who has come a long way and stays to display her profession in the showbiz industry.

Angel Locsin had been hailed as one of Forbes Asia’s ‘Heroes of Philanthropy’ lately because of her kind actions.

What can you say about this? Are you inspired by her amazing story? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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