Naglakad Ang Isang Ama Mula Bulacan Hanggang Bicol Para Puntahan Ang Anak Niyang May Sakit

When the government was declaring a lockdown across Central Luzon, many of our countrymen lost their choice but to travel home to their respective provinces as public transport was canceled this troubled season.

One was the father Joven Opeña who had just left Bulacan to return to Bicol by walking. Unlike others, Joven’s journey was not for himself but he had to return home to see his son scheduled for an operation.

It was found out that Jovem’s son has gastroenteritis and since January has been ably treated. However, it was returned to the hospital for surgery.

Joven is also grateful that there are still have good people boarding for him in their vehicle until he finally gets to his destination.

As a result, Joven arrived in Bicol successfully. But since it was from Manila, you still had to undergo quarantine for 14 days so it was not immediately possible to visit his son at the hospital.

What happened next to Joven was even sadder because he had just arrived in Bicol just a day before his son has pass3s aw4y.

Joven could not help but realize the sadness and grief he felt but he still grateful for those who were touched about his story and provided little or big help especially now that in the midst of the lockdown is still happening to their family.

What can you say about this? Are you touch with his heartbreaking story and experience? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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