Naloko Ang Isang Babae Sa Mga Modus Ng Mga Pekeng BDO Online Banking

The advance and modern technology have advantages to the people giving comfort and easy to manage their bank accounts and other necessary online documents. But the technology is the tools of crook people who want to cheat and rob them by sending spam emails pretending to be from legitimate banks and companies.

Many people were v1ctiim1zed by these cheaters and crooks. So it is important o be vigilant and aware of their method of fooling and cheating people online.

According to Sheena Sayson’s Facebook post, a makeup artist and mother, she warned on Facebook that if a person received an email to BDO online banking like the photo seen on her post do not open, click the link and trust especially when it was requesting for personal information because it is m*dus.

In her revelation, she received an email warning that her account might be compromised so she opened the link and it appears to be real and legitimate because it is redirecting to the BDO Website.

She believed it was real so she filled up and put in her username, password, address and everything requested from her and send it immediately.

After a few hours, someone called her from the alleged BDO online banking and they obtained the information she provided. This was not susp1cious because the woman spoke English very well during the inquiries so she believed it and said that she had to send OTP on her cellphone to verify that all of the information provided was true.

At that time, Sheena Sayson was driving a car so she was only answering all the woman’s questions. After their conversation, she thanked her for his information verification.

The next day, Sheena could no longer access her BDO online account and when she looked at the emails she was shocked that many unauthorized transactions had taken place in her account that she was so worried about and that she was starting to get worried.

Two debit savings accounts and one credit card are enrolled in her BDO app. She immediately informed BDO customer service to report the incident.

Immediately the bank takes action and blocks everything enrolled in her Bdo application. Until now it is under investigation and huge sums of money have been lost for a long time earned by Sheena Sayson.

Many netizens shared their comments and reactions regarding the unfortunate incident encountered by Sheena. They are thankful for sharing the incident to make the people aware especially those who are using online banking.

What can you say about this? Are you aware of the tricky ways of fr4udsters and cr0oks people online? Are you vigilant in opening emails and links on your email accounts? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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