Isang Dalaga Ang Nagbahagi Kung Paano Niya Naipon Ang 1.3 Milyon Mula Sa Kanyang Kapital Na 20k Pesos

It’s a sad fact that in the Philippines many Filipinos earn a minimum wage. This may be enough for some families but most of them have difficulty budgeting and even if a family has a bank account or they are saving.

We Filipinos are known for their hard work and focus so many foreign employers are impressed and amazed by Filipino workers.

Recently, an anonymous person shared how she was trying to raise her minimum wage. One woman shared her heartwarming story on the Facebook page ‘PESO SENSE “.

She has kept her identity for security reasons. She gave Php 3,000 for her parents, set aside Php 2000 for their fees and payables, and set aside Php 2000 for her allowance and another Php 5,000 for his savings.

She is also fortunate that her workplace is just a short walk from their home. However, it wasn’t easy for an average earner like her to earn a million with just a little money and time so she decided to start her own business.

She has Php 20,000 as capital and is a reseller. As a reseller, she doesn’t need many things to start with or even a large capital. But because of that, she was able to increase her capital.

When she was a trusted seller, her supplier allowed her to pay them back when her goods were sold out. This gave her plenty of time and opportunity and she made more money and put her income to buy new items for a cheaper price. 

Who will think that in 7 months she has been able to raise her Php 20,000 to Php 120,000 to One Million pesos?

What can you say about this? Are you inspired by how she manages her finances? Do you want to try her technic to have a million in your bank account? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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