Isang Estudyante Na Pinagmamalaki Niya Na Isa Siyang Anak Ng Magsasaka

Farmers play an important role in the economic growth of the Philippines as they are part of the agricultural sector in the country which is a significant contributor to the income of the nation. But sadly, farming is slowly failing in terms of people, value for the work, and revenue because of the changes in climate, increase in the cost of raw materials, changes in the human lifestyle brought by the advancement of modernization and technology.

As we all know, not all farmers in the Philippines have their own land to grow and cultivate their products, whether it is vegetables, rice, fruits, and crops. Most of them are only working as tenants or caretakers. Sadly, most farmers didn’t earn a good income to support the daily needs of his family.

They grow and plant rice for other people but they barely can’t get enough supply of rice for their own family. There are even times that they can’t eat a decent meal. But what’s sadder is that no matter how hardworking our farmer is, they still earn a minimum salary and even belittled by other people.

Though other people didn’t appreciate all the effort of the farmer, in the eyes of his daughter, he is the best father as he is working hard and sacrificing a lot just to support her in fulfilling her dreams and goals in life.

In a Facebook post, Ela Marfil Sullano proudly shared the photos of her graduation with her father who does everything he could just to make everything possible for his daughter. Ela was able to complete her high school at St. Vince College of Science and Technology in Iloilo City and her father was very proud of her as she also graduates with medals and certificates for Academic Excellence Award with High Honors.

Her father always wanted her to focus and give her full attention to her studies so she can be successful someday despite her eagerness to help her father in farming.

Ela might still face a lot of challenges in reaching her dream to become a CPA, but with the hard work and support of her father to her, she can definitely fulfill their goals in life.

Meanwhile, Ela earned praise from the netizens for being such a kind-hearted daughter. She is very proud to share to the world that her father is a farmer and nothing to be ashamed of it as her father sacrificed and work hard a lot just to support them.

What can you say about this? Are you inspired by her post and story? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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