Isang Ina Na Iniwan Ng Kanyang Mga Anak, Natagpuan Ng Kapitbahay Sa Ilalim Ng Lababo

Many netizens were heartbroken and in tears upon seeing the poor condition of an old woman who was left by her children under the sink.

In the Facebook post of a certain Kristine Vargas Tatad, she shared that she and her mother only found the old woman living alone under the sink after her children leave her. It turns out that her children already moved into another house, but sadly, they didn’t include their mother and just left her.

According to Kristine, she and her mother only found out the old woman lying under the sink without wearing any clothes and she was just covered with a container of water and plywood. Kristine and her mother couldn’t help but felt emotional upon seeing the poor condition of the woman.

They quickly wrapped her in a cloth and asked for help. The old woman said that it’s been two days since her children left her without even giving her anything to eat. They immediately help the old woman to eat and put clothes on her as the woman could not really move due to her condition.  

They also looked for the child of the old woman to know her reason why she left her mother in that condition. The children said they only put their belongings first on the house where they moved to and they would return to their mother to get her.

Kristine then defended the old woman, saying to the children that they should prioritize their mother first instead of their belongings.

The post quickly goes viral online and many people extend help to the old woman.

In the separate post, Kristine showed that the old woman is already in good condition and her children already picked her up. But in the fear that the children might repeat abandoning their mother, they asked DSWD for help to monitor the old woman.

What can you say about this? Are you moved and angered of what her children did to their mother? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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