Nanghinayang Ang Isang Networker Sa Pag-imbita Niya Sa isang Balut Vendor Para Sumali Sa Kanila

Networking is one of the things that are now widely circulating all over the world. Many people also become part of this thriving industry and they also took the social media platforms to capture the attention of new investors. As we all know, social media networking sites are an easy way to reach people all over the world.

But even though the offer is engaging and capturing to people, there are still some of them who do not get easily persuaded by the assurance that they will have a safer financial life when they invest a little amount of money.

Just like what happened to this balut vendor who was offered by a networker to participate in their company.

A certain netizen named Mymar Inion posted on his Facebook account a couple of screenshots of a conversation of a balut vendor and a networker. Their conversation began with just simply greeting and the networker ask him what was his job.

And then the networker offers the balut vendor a better life when he was going to invest a total of PHP 6, 980. However, the balut vendor respectfully rejecting his offer by telling that he doesn’t have that such huge money.

After that, the networker then responded to him telling him that he was dropping a once in a lifetime opportunity, which is the common words that were said by the people who participated in networking. The balut vendor then asks him again if the lives of all the people who joined networking become better. And the latter then assuredly said yes.

However, the balut vendor then began opposite reasons by telling that if really he lives of those people who joined in networking become better, then why does the networker who offered him to join networking was still working abroad in spite of being a member of networking company for almost 3 years.

It looks like the word that balut vendor hits the networker really hard because the networker only responded to him a like button.

What are your thoughts on this story? Are you impressed with the wisdom displayed by the Balut vendor? Have you ever tried to join in such a networking company and you know people who become successful in this kind of business? Kindly share and give your comments and reactions to us.

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