Isang Pinay Na OFW Ang Nagtrabaho Ng 12 Taon Sa Abroad At Ibinigay Ang Napakalaking Regalo Sa Kanyang Ina

Every Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) has his own story to tell. Life abroad is never easy, it is full of trials, challenges, and struggles. They sacrificed a lot and endured being away from their family for a long time just to support the needs and lift their families out of poverty. But sadly, there are some OFWs who are unfortunate to have abusive employers. However, there are some who are lucky enough to have found kind and good employers that treat them very well.

Just like the OFW named Merry Rose Molo Tumonog. Merry works as an OFW in Hong Kong. She shared how she achieved her success in life with several years of hardships working in abroad. At the age of 21, Merry tried her luck in working abroad. As a matter of fact, she has already worked in different countries like Jordan, Kuwait, and Cambodia.

But all her hard work is paid off as Merry able to earn several properties like a lot, house, motor, tricycle, and a business.

Merry then looks back on how difficult their life is before. Her father is only a tricycle driver while her mother was just watching over the market. They are 12 siblings and the income of her parents was only enough for their daily needs.

Merry wanted to go to college even though her father didn’t support her. According to her, she worked really hard and find her own ways to live her family out of poverty.

She didn’t let all the hardships she experienced be a hinder for her to achieve her goals and dreams in life. Merry also shared that she didn’t regret working in abroad because it really helps her a lot and her family.

With Merry’s hard work, she was able to achieve the success that she had now. She is another proof that nothing is impossible for a person who had a dream that wanted to be achieved.

What can you say about this? Do you admire her how she loves her mother? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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