Isang Vlogger Ang Walang Ginawa Sa Loob Ng 2 Oras Pero Nakakuha Ito Ng 1.7m Views

More and more people nowadays are using social media as a platform to share several contents where they shared some useful information, inspiring stories, giving an update to their lives, and just a random thing happening in their lives.

Many contents are now spreading in social media, especially on YouTube. There are some who show how to cook, doing a closet or house tour, performing pranks for their friends or loved one, or just any random thing they wanted to share on their followers. Whatever content you are looking for, you can easily find it.

However, influencers are also having a hard time thinking of new content to gain more views and to entertain their subscribers. But this guy did the complete opposite of that. He only uploaded a 2-hour long video of himself without doing anything!

Comedian and vlogger Rusell Peters uploaded the most unexpected video on his YouTube channel “Sobat Miskin Official” that probably never seen by anyone. The said video featuring a man wearing a black shirt while sitting on his bed in his room while simply looking straight to the camera.

Anyone could think that he might be doing something in the said video at first glance because of its length. But the man still did not move though minutes were already passed by. It turns out that he really did not do anything in particular during the whole duration of the video but he is only changing his position from time to time.

What’s more surprising about the video is that it managed to gain over 1.7 M views and even goes viral online though Rusell didn’t do anything in the video.

Many netizens were entertained in the said video with some jokingly said they got an idea of what they will do on their vlog when they will start to make their own YouTube channel.

What can you say about this? Do you get an idea of how to start vlogging? Are you entertained by his vlog? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

Check out the video below:

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