Raffy Tulfo Nagsalita Na Tungkol Sa Guro Na Inireklamo

Various problems have been resolved by the Raffy Tulfo in Action program. The post titled ‘MOMMY, IPINA-TULFO ANG PASAWAY NA TEACHER NG KANYANG ANAK!’.


There are instances that some decision of Raffy Tulfo was not accepted by the majority of the netizens that is why the tough-talking anchorman of the program has decided to revert the decision and he gave the power of the netizens regarding the issue.

Previously, Raffy Tulfo decided to revoke the license of the teacher due to her mistakes against her student. But the netizens reacted on what he advises and because of their reaction.

The tough-talking anchor of the program is very grateful to the netizens because of their reaction and he asks forgiveness from them.
According to the video, the teacher embarrasses the student by sending out of the classroom because he forgets the report card and his stubbornness.

Eventually, the teacher admitted her fault and considered to be child abuse because of embarrassing the kid. There is a moment that Raffy Tulfo sends out the grandmother of the kid because she was hot and aggressive in the scene. he called only the parent of the child but the mother wait for the cue of the grandmother and the mother decided to continue the case.


Raffy Tulfo admitted along with the grandmother and the parents that they become emotional. Finally, Raffy Tulfo hears the voice of the netizens not to fire the teacher because it doesn’t fit her wrongdoings and Raffy Tulfo believes that the teacher should be sanction and teach her to have a maximum tolerance. Because she was teaching the children.

What can you say about the reaction of Raffy Tulfo? Do you believe that it is right to fire the teacher or just give her a sanction for what she had done towards the child? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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