Ito Na Pala Ang Buhay Ni Jennica Garcia Sa Probinsya Kasama Ang Kanyang Asawa At Anak

Do you remember the daughter of Jean Garcia in the showbiz industry? Are you curious to know her life now after leaving the showbiz along with her celebrity husband Alwyn Uytingco? The daughter of Jean Garcia, Jennica Garcia, leave from showbiz last 2014 to take care of their pretty daughter named Athena Mori. They finally decided to reside in the province and have a simple life in spite of their popularity before leaving the showbiz world.

Jennica Garcia and Alwyn were among the most famous and active teen stars at their time in the mid-2000s. When she started to become a mother, she has been hands-on with her lovely and adorable daughter. She raised Athena Mori a playful and active child without engaging in gadgets compared with the present children that almost spend their time on it.

The couple Jennica and Alwyn showcase their insight and their personal experiences in the initial year of their daughter Athena Mori. Presently, Jennica is already a parenting coach who handles a Facebook community Page named “Kalinga Ni Nanay”.

The Facebook Page highlighted that “tribe of Women who thrives in parenting their child the way nature intended,” The page is the way for Jennica to share a bit from her daily family life. She conducted workshops on potty training, the power of play and healing through storytelling with other people.

When her only daughter Mori was born by normal birth, she never left Mori for more than a couple of hours because at that time they don’t have a housemaid. At the time of Mori’s initial year, she did everything at home including laundry and washing the cloth diapers of her baby. The time they spent together permitted her to find more about her daughter like at 9 months, Mori presently knows how to utilize the toilet and starting to walk alone.

Jennica also highlighted the necessity for kids to play outside and get dirty. That’s why as parents, they are not bothered whenever Mori gets a scratch or bruise on her body. She also highlighted to make her daughter live a simple life and learn the worth of being simple.

Alwyn is very appreciative of his wife’s goals for their child. As a matter of fact for Mori’s second birthday, their daughter did not receive any extravagant gifts but instead, his dad gave her two bags of plant boxes, organic soil, and herbs to plant. Based on Jennica: 

“Ang mga regalo ni Tatay Alwyn sa aming anak na si Mori: Two big bags of organic soil, plant box in different sizes and lots of herbs!”

At that time. Alwyn and his daughter had their early Sunday morning bonding where they spent their time in their own garden together.

What can you say about this? Do you want to spend a simple life with your children in the province? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and opinions with us.

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