Ivana Alawi, Namigay Ng 100K Pesos Sa Mananalo Sa ‘Last To Leave The Pool Challenge’

Just recently, Alawi Family had an interesting yet funny Cook-Off challenge where there was a competition that happened between Team Vanana, the team of Ivana and Mona, and Team Maashim, team of Hashim and their mother.

The Team Maashim wins in the first round of their competition – which is the cooking competition. But, it does not end here as the two teams also had another challenge. The two teams once again had faced off for the Last To Leave The Pool Challenge. The team that will remain at the pool until the end will be the winner and will get over Php100,000 cash price.

But the competition had a twist where it seems like a game show because every time the team will get the correct answer, their opponent will step forward. That’s why they needed to have a correct answer to the trivia question for them to be declared as a winner.

There are different type of questions that thrown to them, including the pen that was used by Jose Riza on his writings, what is the biggest continent, how many countries are in the whole world, who is the personality that is displayed in the Php1,000 peso bill, the biggest mountain in the world, the number of our teeth, and many more.

Some of the questions and their answers also give good vibes to the netizens. At the end of the game, the Team Vanana was declared to be the winner.

Many netizens were overjoyed because of the question and answer the challenge between the two teams. Here are some of their comments:

“I like and lab this family sobrang saya and cool nkkaenjoy tlga everytime i watch yur vlog ms ivana”

“Kakatawa talaga vlogs mo idol and very creative way of thinking about a new challenge. Hehe! Next time opposite naman po. Normal clothes then 1 step closer to the pool until mahulog na.”

“Stay humble ,and kind-hearted person,your beautiful inside and out, Godbless you and your family I’m a fan.”

“While watching I can’t stop my self laughing .alawi family really makes us happy .thank you and we’ll support you.”

“The whole family never fails to make my cheeks hurt from laughing or smiling. Feeling ko youtube channel na ng buong alawi to HAHAHAHA.”

What can you say about this? Do you like her challenge for her family members? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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