Jackie Chan, Pinakita Ang Napakalawak Niyang Bahay

Jackie Chan is one of the most highly respected actors, not only in Hongkong but all over the world. He became well-known for his unique and different way of doing stunts in action movies. Aside from being the greatest actor in the whole world, he is also known as a philanthropist. He always extending help to his fellowmen who are in need in the best way he can.

But just like other celebrities, Chan also faced a lot of obstacles and challenges in life before he reached success. Chan had been in the industry for so many years now and he just proved to everyone that the keys to success are patience, perseverance, and industriousness. He had fallen a lot of times but it didn’t hinder him to fulfill his dreams.

With the money that he earns in the entertainment industry, Chan able to save up to buy many properties. One of the properties he had invested his hard-earned money is his huge house in Beverly Hills along Sunset Boulevard. Chan bought the property back in 1998 which costs $12.25M or over Php 612,500,000.00. The house was built in the year 1986.

The 30K sq.m house is really big and spacious that the measure of the living space is over 7,600 sq.ft. The guests or visitors will pass through double steel gates going to the big motor court first before they enter the house.

The house has an elegant dining area and a fascinating living room. The kitchen has a big countertop. The whole property is most filled with doors, white walls, cabinets, and ceiling which adds up to the elegance of the area. There is also a built-in caban in the outdoor area where the family usually eats dinner.

The house has a gym with a complete set of gym equipment. There is a spa beside the big swimming pool with a waterfall design.

What can you say about this? are you amazed and stunned in the huge house of the famous international action star Jackie Chan? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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