Jake Cuenca, Sinabi Na Ang Tunay Na Dahilan Kung Bakit Hindi Niya Pa Tinatanggal Ang Couple Tattoo Nila Ng Kanyang Ex-girlfriend Na Si Roxanne Guinoo

Jake Cuenca is one of the most admired actors in the Philippine showbiz industry. Many women easily fell in love with him because of his charm, good looks, and fit body. But aside from his beautiful features, he is also admired because of his amazing acting skills. He already starred in several films and TV shows. He was also one of the casts of ABS-CBN’s series ‘Precious Hearts Romance: Los Bastardos’.

In his interview with Tito Boy on ABS-CBN’s program ‘Tonight With Boy Abunda’ on October 12, 2019, the actor answered all the questions about the series when he undergoes in a hot seat question and answer.

The actor happily shared with the viewers the most anticipated and exciting scene on the said series. He also took that opportunity to express to thanked the people who continuously supporting and trusting him.

Meanwhile, Jake gave a little fun to the viewers by doing a challenge to give the viewers an excitement to watch the series. In the said challenge, the actor will speak one of his famous lines in his series and he will say to it in different ways with different personal characters.

One of the lines that he chose in his character as Isagani in Los Bastardos is, “Masasagot na ang lahat ng tanong sa pagkatao ko.” Then he started to say his line in different characters, like a serial k!l’l3r, a pre-school teacher who was having a conversation with a child, and a person who was proposing to his girlfriend. Because of the amazing talent that the actor showed, the King of Talk and even netizens couldn’t help but admire Jake.

Aside from being a talented actor, Jake is also known for having several tattoos on his body. And when he was asked about his tattoo, the actor said that some of it serve as a souvenir while some of it symbolizes a special event in his life.

If we can recall, Jake has a relationship with actress Roxanne Guinoo before. Jake admitted to Tito Boy and the viewers that until now he still not removing the tattoo name of his former girlfriend on his body. Jake further added that he and Roxanne put it together and promised to each other that they will never remove it unless they got married.

But, Roxanne Guinoo is already married and now living a simple life together with his husband and children, away from the showbiz spotlight. So, Roxanne surely removes the tattoo because she was already married to another man.

What can you say about this? Do you believe that he still loves Roxanne? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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